ThrillPro MonoPod Selfie-Stick

I bought the GoPro HERO4 Silver last month but wasn’t sure which accessories I wanted to use with it. I had decided on the wrist strap but soon after it arrived I realized it wasn’t going to work for me. This got me to thinking of what other accessories are out there that I could use for the GoPro. Most of all I knew I wanted to use my camera for videos and as many people can attest it is hard to keep your hands still when trying to videotape anything. Another thing is that I wanted to be able to be in the photos or videos that I took. I didn’t want to focus solely on landscape.

This is where the selfie stick comes into play. My niece had one for her IPhone and loves it. Another friend has one for her GoPro and I have seen some of the video she has taken with it. I knew I had found what I wanted to use when using my camera. The decision had been made. Now it came down to finding the right selfie stick for me. Yes, I said right because I didn’t realize until I started looking around that there are all these different types around. It isn’t just one brand but many brands.

I decided to go with the ThrillPro because I wanted something that would be durable and stand up to harsh elements. Who knows if I will be hiking through Yosemite National Park during the winter, rafting down the river or body boarding during the summer? I needed something that would withstand any of those changes; something that would be one of the best accessories for me in taking my GoPro filming to the next level; of course with me in the videos. One great addition to the ThrillPro would be the ShutterPro if you want to be more hands free when using the pole.

The ThrillPro are priced at ($35.95) when purchased directly through The Alaska Life or you can purchase one through Amazon with their pre-Christmas sale at ($29.95). You will need to check out the sale before the holidays are over.


  • Extends to 35″; measured the ThrillPro which starts out at 16″ and extends out to 35″
  • Sturdy along with foam at bottom of pole for easy grip
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact; fits comfortably into the main compartment of my Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack
  • Wrist strap + Carabiner
  • Can be used with tripod; bottom part can be unscrewed in order to attach tripod to it


  • There is nothing wrong with this product


The ThrillPro doesn’t come with any instructions so I wasn’t sure how you would attach your phone to the selfie stick. I had to find a photo of it to see how it would attach properly. Duh! How easy was that after I looked at a few photos to see how you would attach the phone since it was easy for me to figure out how to attach the GoPro to it.

Taking the ThrillPro out on one of my walks was great; wrist strap was perfect in feeling that I was hands free and didn’t have the camera with me at all. Then when I was ready to take photos throughout my walk; lifting the ThrillPro up, extending it out to take shots of everything around me. I love how light weight it is especially when I walk 5 + miles a day. This is the perfect addition for anyone’s travels especially if you are traveling solo and want to get yourself in the shot.

The only suggestion I would make is offering the customer a removable waterproof clip for their remote since one is not included with this. With including Wi-Fi-Remote Housing that is easily accessible and detachable from the ThrillPro will give people the added benefit of having everything within reach. Then again, the ThrillPro does include the carabiner which you can attach your remote to if you wanted. Now if you don’t have a remote for your camera; you can substitute your IPhone as the remote as long as you turn on your Wi-Fi to your GoPro and have it turned on your phone. I wasn’t sure how it would work since my Wi-Fi always disconnects when I am walking away from my house. Since you have your camera with you it will act as your Wi-Fi and stay connected between the camera and the phone.

Photos Taken with GoPro HERO4 Silver Using ThrillPro

Body Boarding, Sunset Beach, CaliforniaCove Park, Maui HawaiiStreet Musicians in New OrleansWalking Around New Orleans at NightIreland Part IIreland Part 2Ireland Part 3Ireland Part 4Ireland Part 5New York

If interested in the ThrillPro to help you on those days when you want to be in the picture and not on the sidelines taking the pictures; it can be bought through Amazon  and The Alaska Life .

Disclosure of Material Connection: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a free sample from The Alaska Life for consideration of review purposes only. This is solely my opinion/experience