Training for Half Marathon

I registered for the Summer Breeze Half Marathon/10K/5K which is on August 4th in San Leandro. This will give me a month to train for it. I know everyone, or at least, everyone I know has said I should train months for it. Or at least my sister has said that. I know that’s true but I don’t plan on running in the marathon. I plan to walk in it and maybe run some of it but it’s mostly going to be walking for me. I feel I am ready for this because I have been walking everyday since I started losing weight back in February of 2009. Since then,  I have lost 131.4 pounds. Eating right and daily exercise has now become part of my life. I know they go hand in hand thus all the walking I have been doing since I made the change in my life to lose weight. Sorry got off topic with the weight loss talk but feel that my walking everyday has gotten me to this point in my life where I feel confident enough to do a half marathon.

I remember when I first started doing 10K’s and I was not in the best shape. It took everything in me to finish those walks and I was at my heaviest at the time. But when I finally started losing the weight, the last 10K I did was a breeze.

Not to say walking 13.1 miles will be a breeze but I am confident I can finish the half marathon.

Now I have started my training for it. If you want to call it training. I usually walk 2 miles a day during the week and on the weekends is when I do most of my hardcore walking. But I have added nightly walks to my daily routine. Then on the weekends, I will start walking more miles at a time until I can make it to 13.1 miles. I have a GPS watch so that will help me with knowing how many miles I am walking as well as how long it is taking me to finish each mile. I always try to finish each mile in the shorter amount of time then I did the previous mile.

That is what I am going to be doing for my training. Will post my thoughts on the day of the half marathon.