Wanderlust Series – Interview with Danielle from Like Riding a Bicycle

Danielle in her own words is a hitchhiker, nomad, and generally crazy person. She has been exploring the world for the past two and a half years without a rest. Whether she is lazing away her days in a beach paradise, or getting robbed at gunpoint in the Amazon, every day is a new adventure. With no intention to slow down, she is excited to see where on earth she ends up next. And with her random style, it could be absolutely anywhere. You can check out her adventures on her travel blog, Like Riding a Bicycle. You can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook

What Place Do You Often Revisit?

Máncora, Peru

What is it About This Particular City or Country (s) That Holds a Piece of Your Heart?

Máncora was one of the first places that made me fall in love with travel, and that feeling has never left me. I always stay in the same hostel, which is a 20 minute walk down the beach from town. The feeling of walking barefoot down that sandy beach in the morning to fetch some food or supplies is unparalleled. But more than anything, Máncora’s sunsets have always been my very favorite sunsets on earth. Something about them is just pure magic that can’t be found anywhere else.

Is it a Feeling of Trying to Recreate Moments from Visiting the City (Listed Above)?

Please Elaborate; For Instance, in visiting Paris I may try and recreate the moments of getting lost with friends I met through Busabout. I remember we tried to find the Sacre Coeur late at night and upon finding it, we climbed to the top of the steps, sat down and drank from a bottle of wine as well as ate the baguette we brought along with us. Perfect ending to getting lost since we got the best view of the city below us.

In a way I try to recreate moments in Máncora, but I’m more seeking the same feelings. Every time I’ve been there, I’ve met people I’ve formed lifelong connections with. Something about the hostel I stay in is pure perfection; oftentimes wild parties would happen at night, as with many hostels on the backpacker track. But in the daytime it was a relaxed, warm, beautiful place. People would lie on the beach, read a book in a hammock, sit at a table playing games. We all became close, because it wasn’t all about partying for us. We really got to know each other – each other’s stories and all – which created our little paradise.

What Are Your Reasons for Exploring New Cities Over Revisiting the Same One Again and Again?

The world is a giant place, and I crave new experiences. How will I know which place is the best if I don’t see them all?

In Exploring New Cities; How do You Decide Which Places to Visit?

I’m a bit of an odd traveler, as I never stop being on the road. I tend to choose places because I’ve never been there, and because someone said it was awesome. I don’t care what the internet has to recommend; it’s the real live people who know best.

Do You Want to Visit New Cities Because it Would be a New Experience for You?

Please Elaborate; For Instance, do you visit the Cinque Terre in Italy so that you can walk through all five villages having never experienced it before since this would be your first time visiting them.

I crave every new experience I can get my hands on! Sometimes that brings the most beautiful adventures, while other times I can only think to myself, “Man, I never, EVER, want to go here again.” Again, how do you know if you don’t try everywhere?