Wanderlust Series – Interview with Lance and Laura from Travel Addicts

Lance and Laura Longwell are authors of Travel Addicts.  They enjoy long road trips, drinking wine, sharing a romantic sunset together, and do their best to stay out of trouble. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

What Place Do You Often Revisit?

Nuremberg, Germany


What is it About This Particular City or Country (s) That Holds a Piece of Your Heart?

I really don’t know. Somehow, this city – Germany’s 14th largest city – has completely captured my imagination. I love everything about it – the local sausage, how they still proclaim themselves the kingdom of Franconia and the deep, troubled history.


Is it a Feeling of Trying to Recreate Moments from Visiting the City (Listed Above)?

Please Elaborate; For Instance, in visiting Paris I may try and recreate the moments of getting lost with friends I met through Busabout. I remember we tried to find the Sacre Coeur late at night and upon finding it, we climbed to the top of the steps, sat down and drank from a bottle of wine as well as ate the baguette we brought along with us. Perfect ending to getting lost since we got the best view of the city below us.

For me revisiting Nuremberg is not about reliving moments for my life. I’d say, my passion to revisit Nuremberg is to connect with this ancient city and it’s complex history. Revisiting Nuremberg is like coming home to see an old friend – they have some changes (new restaurants open, while others have closed), but it’s mostly the chance to be close to the familiar.


What Are Your Reasons for Exploring New Cities Over Revisiting the Same One Again and Again?

We always visit new places every year. We love the thrill of seeing and exploring and being out there in the world far from home. I wouldn’t say that it has to be a choice. You can still visit new places, while revisiting cherished old friends.

In Exploring New Cities; How do You Decide Which Places to Visit?

We discuss together where we want to go. In the past, we visited Greenland because I’d read an article in National Geographic. We went to South Africa after enjoying one of their wines. Inspiration is everywhere!

Do You Want to Visit New Cities Because it Would be a New Experience for You?

Please Elaborate; For Instance, do you visit the Cinque Terre in Italy so that you can walk through all five villages having never experienced it before since this would be your first time visiting them.

I think capturing a new experience is at the heart of travel. However, for me, I often want to visit new places because of what it can teach me about the world.