Wanderlust Series – Interview with Laura from Collecting Labels

Laura Bronner is writer who can’t sit still. Five years ago she graduated from college and set off for what was meant to be a year of travel. In that time she’s lived in New Zealand, Australia and South Korea. She’s in the process of figuring out where to next. Follow along on her adventures at Collecting Labels or through Instagram and Facebook.

What Place Do You Often Revisit?

New York City


What is it About This Particular City or Country (s) That Holds a Piece of Your Heart?

I grew up in the suburbs. On weekends my parents would take my brothers and I into the city to see Broadway shows or for dinner. It was somewhere we went on special occasions. I think I still think of it as this place that marks something fantastical. I still feel this immense excitement every time I’m on my way there.

Is it a Feeling of Trying to Recreate Moments from Visiting the City (Listed Above)?

Please Elaborate; For Instance, in visiting Paris I may try and recreate the moments of getting lost with friends I met through Busabout. I remember we tried to find the Sacre Coeur late at night and upon finding it, we climbed to the top of the steps, sat down and drank from a bottle of wine as well as ate the baguette we brought along with us. Perfect ending to getting lost since we got the best view of the city below us.

Sometimes. I love taking my boyfriend to places I used to go as a kid. I love doing all the touristy things with someone who really is a tourist and acting like it’s my city.


What Are Your Reasons for Exploring New Cities Over Revisiting the Same One Again and Again?

I love getting to know new places. I love seeing a city’s character, it’s soul. I love trying new restaurants and wandering down streets I’ve never been down before. Being somewhere new makes you look at things differently. When you go back to those places you’ve been to a million times you have fresh eyes and a new appreciation for what those other places may have lacked.

In Exploring New Cities; How do You Decide Which Places to Visit?

Lots of research. For me, I’m most interested in finding where the locals eat. I definitely check out the touristy sites – they’re popular for a reason, right? But I also love to just grab a map and wander around, find the neighborhoods where people live and drink coffee and walk their dogs.

Do You Want to Visit New Cities Because it Would be a New Experience for You?

Please Elaborate; For Instance, do you visit the Cinque Terre in Italy so that you can walk through all five villages having never experienced it before since this would be your first time visiting them.

I want to visit new places constantly for so many reasons. My list grows with every trip. I want to eat new foods from different regions of France and swim in the Dead Sea because how cool would it be to just float? I would love to be in awe of the different landscapes and history of Greece and probably be completely overwhelmed by the mega-cities of China.