Wanderlust Series – Interview with Laura from Savored Journeys

Laura Lynch is the creator and writer of the travel blog, Savored Journeys, which is an exploration of food and wine around the world. She’s an avid world traveler and lover of great food and wine. Connect with Laura on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

What Place Do You Often Revisit?

I don’t often revisit the same place twice. The only place I’ve revisited, other than places near to my home, are London, Paris and Frankfurt and that is mostly because they are convenient hubs to get to other places.

What is it About This Particular City or Country (s) That Holds a Piece of Your Heart?

I don’t think any of the cities I’ve revisited have specifically held a place in my heart. Revisiting them was more out of convenience than anything else. I do love all of those cities and I’m never upset when I find myself there again. The only place that truly holds a piece of my heart, where I return to again and again, is the Oregon Coast. I grew up in Oregon and my parents took us to the coast every year for summer vacation. It’s a special place for me, along with being an incredibly beautiful place, so I know I’ll always go back there.

Is it a Feeling of Trying to Recreate Moments from Visiting the City (Listed Above)?

Please Elaborate; For Instance, in visiting Paris I may try and recreate the moments of getting lost with friends I met through Busabout. I remember we tried to find the Sacre Coeur late at night and upon finding it, we climbed to the top of the steps, sat down and drank from a bottle of wine as well as ate the baguette we brought along with us. Perfect ending to getting lost since we got the best view of the city below us.

I do try to recreate memories when I return to a place a second time, and I think that’s part of why I don’t really want to return to a place. When I arrive somewhere I’ve already been, whether it’s a town near my home for a weekend getaway or an International city, I tend to slip back into what made me so happy there the first time rather than finding all new things to love about it. I’d rather go somewhere entirely new so I can create all new memories.

What Are Your Reasons for Exploring New Cities Over Revisiting the Same One Again and Again?

My reason for wanting to explore a new city over revisiting them is two-fold. I don’t want to get stuck in a rut of just reliving memories I’ve already made, and I know that there are so many incredible places in the world to see that I don’t want to “waste” a trip seeing the same place again.There are some places that I’ve absolutely loved and would love to return to, but then I’d have to sacrifice seeing somewhere else. It doesn’t make sense for me.

In Exploring New Cities; How do You Decide Which Places to Visit?

I often decide where to go based on something I’ve seen or read about recently that sparks an interest or a yearning in me. I do have a bucket list of places to go, but I don’t explore them in any order. It’s really about what strikes me at the time. For instance, I’ve always wanted to go to the Czech Republic, but it hasn’t caused a yearning in my yet, so I haven’t gone. Someday it will, and then it will be the right time to visit there.

Do You Want to Visit New Cities Because it Would be a New Experience for You?

Please Elaborate; For Instance, do you visit the Cinque Terre in Italy so that you can walk through all five villages having never experienced it before since this would be your first time visiting them.

To me, the allure of traveling is in discovering new things, seeing things I haven’t ever seen before, and trying new foods I haven’t tasted yet. It’s also a way to escape the monotony of my every day life and expand my horizons. Visiting new places motivates and excites me more than the thought of returning to a place does.





  • Tami says:

    Nice interview! I also love to explore new places. There aren’t many places I’d go to twice before seeing some place new! (Except to vsit family).
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    • Kim says:

      I keep going back and forth on whether I want to revisit some of my favorite places or visit new ones. Yeah, I think the place would need to be really special before wanting to revisit it.

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