Wanderlust Series – Interview with Louise from Willunga Wino

In Louise’s own words, “G’Day! I’m Louise Rhodes, the Willunga Wino. My blog exists to inspire my readers to try great wines, cellar doors, restaurants and travel destinations. I’m very lucky to live in paradise – that is – McLaren Vale, South Australia. I moved here with Mr Wino & WineCat from Sydney in 2013. I’m a vegetarian & my day job is as a sustainability professional. Mr Wino assists me with reviewing meat and seafood dishes, and wine tasting notes. We are working on establishing our own wine label – Aphelion Wine – it is coming soon!”

You can connect with Louise through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

What Place Do You Often Revisit?

Nozawa Onsen, Nagano, Japan

Ski Fields, Nozawa Onsen, Japan

Ski Fields, Nozawa Onsen, Japan

What is it About This Particular City or Country (s) That Holds a Piece of Your Heart?

A small traditional village, surrounded by mountains for skiing in winter, with 20+ natural hot springs to bathe in for free, intriguing cuisine, cobbled streets, traditional architecture. Sundowners by the fireplace in the stunning Sasa Nozawa hotel, with just 4 rooms. It is paradise!

Sasa Nozawa accommodation, Nozawa Onsen, Japan

Sasa Nozawa accommodation, Nozawa Onsen, Japan

Is it a Feeling of Trying to Recreate Moments from Visiting the City (Listed Above)?

Please Elaborate; For Instance, in visiting Paris I may try and recreate the moments of getting lost with friends I met through Busabout. I remember we tried to find the Sacre Coeur late at night and upon finding it, we climbed to the top of the steps, sat down and drank from a bottle of wine as well as ate the baguette we brought along with us. Perfect ending to getting lost since we got the best view of the city below us.

Yes, we have favourite moments we recreate every trip. Coffee from a vending machine to warm our hands, float in the onsen with snowflakes melting on our eyelashes and enjoying a sake and beer while we are at it, traditional lunch overlooking the alps to the sea in the snow.

What Are Your Reasons for Exploring New Cities Over Revisiting the Same One Again and Again?

To see something new, to keep discovering, to keep learning.

Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont, Italy

In Exploring New Cities; How do You Decide Which Places to Visit?

Sometimes it is fate that intervenes, such as a family occasion, or winning a competition. Otherwise, we look for airfare specials to places on our bucket list. If this doesn’t happen, we return to our favourite place in Japan.

Do You Want to Visit New Cities Because it Would be a New Experience for You?

Please Elaborate; For Instance, do you visit the Cinque Terre in Italy so that you can walk through all five villages having never experienced it before since this would be your first time visiting them.

We want to see more of the world’s wine regions, so we can learn from them and apply it to our fledgling wine label – Aphelion Wine – here at home in McLaren Vale South Australia.