What is a Foodie?


I have always wondered exactly what a foodie is because I thought everyone could be classified as one. Doesn’t everyone love food and love to eat? I decided to look up the word and realized how off-base I was in thinking a foodie was just someone who loved food. There are many definitions of a foodie so I thought I would share a few of them with you.

A foodie is a person who loves or has a deep admiration for food and eating food
Someone who loves everything there is to know or learn about food



A foodie is someone who delights in all things food-related and seeks the high quality experience and taste
A foodie is someone who is extremely passionate about food; it’s a way of life for them



I considered myself a foodie until I started reading all the different definitions and descriptions of one. Now I realize I am far from being a foodie but closer to being one then I was years ago. Before, I would eat food because I loved to eat. I never thought about all the ingredients that went into the dishes that I ate. Even when dining out, I never really put much thought into calories, ingredients, sodium, sugar or anything else that would go into preparing the food. Now that I am health conscious I think about all of these things which means I am closer to being considered a foodie.

After next year, I will be that much closer to being a foodie then I am now. Why is that you ask? I plan to experience and really enjoy the foods I order when I am in Dublin, Paris and Rome. I want to savor the taste of escargot when I try it for the first time in Paris. There I said it…. I am going to try escargot in Paris. I am going to savor the taste of fish and chips in Dublin, gelato and pasta in Rome. I am going to savor the foods, know the ingredients that go into making them and savor every last bite as I try something new during my travels. That is what I am going to do as I move one step closer to being a foodie. One who appreciates and loves food…..

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Why do you consider yourself one? Is it the deep appreciation for all things food? Is it trying new foods? Is it in the experience of dining out or trying a new recipe at home?

I would love to hear your thoughts on what being a foodie means to you.