Wrong Cemetery …… Right Cemetery


Sue and I headed back to the cemetery this time to see the monument tombs of Beethoven and Mozart. Before we did this, I wanted to drop off some more film and buy a souvenir for my mom. I bought her a cross stitched bookmark. Afterwards, had some lunch. Ordered the spaghetti with cream sauce and ham. Had to indulge and order the sacher torte for desert. Really good. Never had chocolate apricot cake before which if another name for the sacher torte.

On our way to the cemetery. We arrived at the cemetery and I started taking photos until we realized that we don’t see anything that would resemble a memorial tomb for Mozart. We walked out of the cemetery and asked someone if this is the right cemetery. Turns out we were at the wrong one last night and again today. It turns out the Zentralfriedhof is further then we thought and we will have to take a bus to get to it.

Finally get to the cemetery and this is more like it. Or more of how I thought it would look. It has to be one of the biggest cemeteries I have seen. Felt like we walked for miles before we came to a big road that was like a roundabout. We had to follow the road down to the left past the church. Now that was weird to see in the middle of a cemetery. A church. The memorial tombs shouldn’t be too far from the church. It took us a little while to find them.

The memorial tomb for Mozart is in this cemetery but he is buried in another cemetery in an unmarked grave. One thing I noticed is that these people must have had lots of money because of the memorials left behind for them.

Headed back to the hostel. Back at Wombat’s which is where we stayed the first night we got here. Had to get my laundry done and then I went downstairs and watched the last part of ‘Double Jeopardy’. Had another free glass of beer before heading back up to my room for the night.


  • Cemeteries are really interesting places to visit. So surprised to hear that Mozart is in an unmarked grave. Interesting!
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

    • Kim says:

      I didn’t think he would be in an unmarked grave so I found that interesting. I have always been interested in cemeteries because there is so much history in each cemetery you see.

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