Zdunska Wola and Uncle John

I headed to Warsaw Central train station since I needed to find out which platform the train would be departing from to get to Zdunska Wola. I stopped at the tourist information booth since I heard from Marissa that they may speak english there. I found out from them which platform the train would be departing from and headed to the platform to wait. The train left at 12:05 pm and arrived into Zdunska Wola at 2:35 pm where Uncle John met me.

The first thing out of his mouth was if I had gained any weight. How would he know since the last time I saw him was fifteen years ago when my dad was still alive. I know I am overweight (good thing I am no longer overweight; conquered that years later though it is still a daily struggle that will always be with me) but I don’t need anyone constantly bringing it to my attention. I am trying to work on this but it is something only I can do. I mean, I have been walking everywhere while on this trip and I feel that my legs are not as flabby as they used to be. Though I have no idea if I have gained or lost any weight since beginning this trip. I guess I will find out next month when I head back home.

I really dread getting on the scale then. I only hope I have managed to lose some weight. Anyway, off of this subject, and back onto the subject of the trip.

We headed to the house where Uncle John is staying. Lucy owns the house and only speaks polish. Not much else to do today except hanging out with my Uncle and watching some tv. Went to bed about 10:00 pm.